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Christy Matthew-Okoro

I am blessed with an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters. I am an Accountant. 


Life was very challenging, and full of difficulties. A few years ago when I was single, I had just finished my National Youth service program, I was broke and without a job. And I got introduced to FLP and I was interested immediately, but had no money to start the business. I didn’t allow the lack of funds stop me, l borrowed the money to get started. It was easy to work out a payment plan for the loan since I got products in exchange for my start up money. I was taught to effectively retail my products and I was able to repay the load. 


Working closely with my team leaders, with great trainings and a working strategy, I have become successful in this company. Today, l have by the grace of God built my business into a large group of successful team members . And I am now a Sapphire Manager. I am now living my dream life with FLP. 


With FLP, l have travelled to more then fifteen countries, gotten a brand new car through their Earned Incentive program, l have gotten two homes, I actually am a Landlord, WOW! 


I am also a member of the prestigious Millionaires club. l will forever remain grateful to this wonderful company that has changed my life, and by which I am also playing a role in changing the lives of so many others.

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Abiodun Romiluyi

My name is Abiodun Romiluyi, a graduate of Agric Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Akure. Shortly after completing my 12 months National Youth Services, I began with Job hunting just like many other youth out there which I will say lasted for about 3 years. No Employment! In year 2014, I was introduced to this amazing Business Opportunity.


I became an independent distributor with this amazing company. My Business took a quantum leap when I embraced the new technology; social Media!


I started working from home and leveraging on the internet to retail the company’s product. Yes! The same social media platforms we all know (Facebook, WhatsApp, e.t.c) I began having amazing daily income profits on my retail business. What I would have be receiving as salary if I had gotten a job back then now became what I do receive sometimes as daily or week profits doing this business.


The generosity of this amazing company had found a way to compensate those who are zealous, consistent, focused and passionate with their business and this had led me to enjoy mind blowing incentives from the company such as Car incentive, Free Travel incentives to more than 8 countries, shared in the company’s annual profits and lots more.


If you are not yet a partner, I advise you to get involved right away!


The Journey Towards your Dream Begins with a Big Smile and a Can Do Attitude.  

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