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Meet Funebi

Business Woman | Stay-at-home Mum | Here to Empower

I grew up in large family, actually a polygamous home in which the living conditions were sometimes not fair, or sometimes down right unpleasant. I don’t know if that’s what birthed the desire to achieve extraordinary heights in life, but one resolve I made was that my kids will have it good in life. And with the knowledge that God wants me to be prosperous in every way, that added fire to an already burning desire for more. 


I am a graduate of Computer Engineering, and when I started having kids I decided to give up on my day job(which wasn’t paying much) to stay home with the kids and do a little business on the side.


It was a struggle because I was quite busy, but consistently broke. The one thing I turned to was reading.


It is true that readers are winners because the books prepared me to receive the business opportunity that is Forever living products.


In my first 6 months of working diligently, consistently and with great focus in my Forever living business, I started earning a six figure income from home, which has grown consistently.  

Fast forward 10 years, I'm now debt-free, cash rich, visited over 25 countries and coaching people like myself to do the same.


"It really isn’t about working hard, but working smart in the right business opportunity."

Funebi Anthony-Bello Profile
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