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Wealth is not the exclusive right of a chosen few.

Inspiring the everyday woman, man & youth to go for more - coaching to attain the lifestyle everyone desires from home.

Meet Funebi

Business Woman & Stay-at-home Mum

My three kids are not so little anymore. They'll be leaving the nest soon, which makes me a bit sad. But one thing I'm happy about is that I was able to experience every moment of their growth because I gained the opportunity to run a successful business from home.

For the past 11 years, I've proved that a determined individual can successfully bring in a 6-figure income monthly from home. It all started with a dream which took me on this journey and you can have your own dream version. Read more to know my story. 

Funebi Anthony-Bello.jpg

The Journey Towards your Dream Begins with a Big Smile and a Can Do Attitude.  


A few years ago when I was single, I had just finished my National Youth service program. I was broke and without a job. But now I own two homes and is a Landlord. WOW!

- Christy Matthew-Okoro

Financial freedom means waking up each morning and knowing that my family and bills are taken care of without clocking in to work. Financial freedom means traveling to anywhere in the world because I can. It means multiple stream of income, and I am now enjoying all of these.

Adaobi Lovelyn Ugha

I started working from home and leveraging on the internet to retail my company’s products. What I would have been receiving as salary if I had gotten a job, is now what I receive sometimes as daily or week profits.

Abiodun Romiluyi

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