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Tips for balancing work & a new baby

Time with baby; that was the greatest desire I had as a young mum back then. I wanted to be the one to take care of my baby. It had to be me; it was my duty.

The feelings of guilt, worry and uncertainty of not having my priorities right sometimes flooded me when it was time to go back to work. And like you know, baby couldn’t come with me to work.

But through experience and reading, I realized that it wasn’t really the mountain my mind made it to be. So here are some tips that I used then, and some I wish I knew.

The Baby will be fine

It’s important to let go of the fears of bad things happening to your baby in your absence. God asked us to cast the care of our kids upon Him; worrying about our kids isn’t part of our job description as parents. Praying for them is.

The voice of your baby crying as you leave shouldn’t be a torture that you carry with you all day. Remember that that’s the only real way he/she can communicate at this time. Don’t overthink it.

Use your time right

Map out your time accurately. In the mornings before you leave for work, let your presence be felt by your child. Lie next to her if you leave very early, speak to her even while she is asleep. Give her a bath and feed her if you can. And on your return from work, be the one to put her to sleep at night.

Plan and schedule

Every baby is unique but I believe that we still can raise every child according to a healthy and good lifestyle. If you schedule their meal times and sleep time, even at work you can have an idea of what’s happening with your child at any time.

Have a good Support System

It is okay to have people help you raise your baby. These people range from your husband, to grand parents, siblings, friends, nannies, and even child care centers. Just do your due diligence of ensuring that they will give the care that you want for your baby.

Become a better Worker

Do not make your baby an excuse for sloppy work done at your job. Having a baby should bring growth, and a greater sense of responsibility.

A child should be your reason for excellence at your job, and not an excuse for mediocrity.

Use Technology

We are so blessed today with the internet. We can have security cameras in our homes to monitor our kids from our phones. You can do a video call to your precious one, and speak to him/her over the phone. She will stay familiar with your voice and feel your love.

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