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3 Books you need to read this January

I love to share with others the things that are beneficial to me. I focus on this thought “ God is the source of my blessing, and He wants to bless all.”

3 books you need to read this January

Instructions and knowledge on what to do is how success is gained in every area of one’s life. And this knowledge is hidden within the pages of books, in the conversations of men and even in the nature that is all around.

Allow me to recommend three books that are perfect at this start of the year to read.

Truth is, I am reading all three now.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever fre - Frederick Douglass.”

When I picked up this combo that also includes a DVD and a workbook (40 days of Power) it was just to sell in my store, but I felt prompted to tear the wrap and read it for myself, and wow!! It brings us back to the very beginning; intimacy with God, a deep soul searching and realignment in our personal relationship with the Father. The books calls on you to be real and reflect on the victorious life that you are called to live. It guides you to daily manifest the kingdom of God by pausing often in the course of the day to listen in for His thoughts.

For all the ladies, I don’t know how to scream any louder, but you have to gift yourself and a friend a copy of this book.

“You weren’t created to stand so stiff you never break - you were created for freedom.”

A quote from the book.

We all long for meaning relationships. Craving Connection is a journey where the writers share real-life stories, practical scripture application, and connection challenges that encourage you to:

- Embrace the desire God has given each of us for connection

- Invest in meaningful relationships, right where God has you

- Become the friend you wish you had

In business it’s not about how much you know but how you are able to successfully communicate the benefits of your product or service to your intended client. This book will teach you how to walk into any room (even digital), confidently knowing how to handle, answer, and completely address the question “what do you do?” with ease and grace, while making others feel comfortable and connected.

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